Gapura Liqua Mandiri is driven by a strong company vision;

To be the region leader in the field of membrane based separation processes for industrial applications

with company mission; provide our customers with high quality water, able to provide added value for our employees, optimized return of investment to our business partners and shareholders, and develop our business professionally by providing environmental-friendly solutions and value-added services to our stakeholders. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the quality of human life.

Our core business is in technology consulting, engineering & supervision, operation and maintenance contract, project investment, and product development. Our key technologies now include desalination, purification, pervaporation, water recycling/reuse and specialty products. Our diversification has enabled us to conduct business on a global scale.

Using a customized value-added system and services approach to business, we keep pace with the ever-changing level of customer needs. Joining forces with reputed international firms we have created an ongoing transfer of technology network and gained more resources to draw from.

A synergy of talented and highly adept people is the wisdom behind our success and represent the cornerstones of our philosophy. In order to remain in the forefront of contenders, we are proactive to new technology and methods. And rely on a customer-oriented approach to determining and servicing dynamic market demands.