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Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of Earth's near-surface air and oceans since the mid-20th century. The effects of global warming is : 
1.Global temperatures tend to increase.
2. Increased sea level
3. The climate become unstable
Climate change in global warming are serious issue that has happened in our world. In this term, we must take some activities to reduce the cause of global warming. Therefore, we must provide pump audit for our customer. Pump audit is the most effective way to discover whether or not a pump system is operating effectively, saving money through energy efficiency  and reduced CO2 emissions.
The facts : Pumps account for more than 20% of the world’s electricity consumption. At the same time, data shows that approximately 83% of all pump systems in the process industry operate inefficiently. So, Gapura Liqua Mandiri provide pump audit for our customer.
The four steps of the pump audit :
1.      Appointment with consultant
In this meeting we discuss the types of pumps that was using, the flow of the process, the size and age of existing pumps and other relevant information. From this we gain insight into areas that are probably not performing optimally.
2.      On site inspection
A comprehensive inspection of the system allows us to pinpoint areas requiring optimisation. It will include, amongst other tests and auditing, the inspection of piping, valves, line drawings and operating data.
3.      Diagnosis
Efficiency is measured from test data related to pump operation temperatures, pressures and levels. Differences can affect optimal output and running costs. The tools used include ultrasonic sensors, advanced data loggers, analogue sensors and digital/event sensors. These tests can take time, but cause minimal disruption to your processes.
4.      Recommendations
Data from the Pump Audit is bound in a comprehensive hardcover report. It will highlight all areas covered by the Pump Audit in detail and include all current and potential operation capabilities. The report will recommend optimal improvements to be carried out that will ensure you start making savings in running costs and CO2 emissions.
Within a year, through optimisation, customer will already have begun to make considerable savings in running costs and significant reductions to the company’s carbon footprint.

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