Today, source of  water is seriously contaminated with heavy metals, salt, arsenic, chromium, iron, manganese, viruses, and more. It’s an unsafe source of water. It sets limitation for the treatment according to conventional process, in terms of performance and cost. Using a customized value-added system and services approach to business, we keep pace with the ever-changing level of customer needs. Joining forces with reputed international firms we have created an ongoing transfer of technology network and gained more resources to draw from. This comparative advantage opens up a wide range of membrane application in water and wastewater treatment.

We provide total water solutions for the domestic, commercial, industrial and municipal market to meet the water and wastewater treatment processes, including pre-treatment, upgrading, recycling, and recovery. As one of our core business, we design, build, and operate complete turnkey filtration system. DBOO services enable customers to focus on their core businesses. To maintain a constant supply of processed water for our customers, we provide well trained engineers and technicians.


  • Efficient, reliable and cost-effective system designs
  • Superior product quality
  • Reliable operation for minimum downtime and increased profits
  • Optimized processes for maximum throughput at minimum investment
  • Waste reduction or elimination
  • Capital investment avoidance
  • Significant energy savings (lower operating costs)
  • Low maintenance